Use It Up Challenge

We all have stuff in our house. Items bought with the intention of using but then we don’t get around to it. The next thing you know, those things are shoved in the closet or on a shelf and you forget all about it. Worse is when you go out and buy that same item again. Now you have two and you still aren’t using them! Even after decluttering the home, there may still be items in it that probably could go. What about those items you still want to use? After months or years of owning it, is there any hope of actually using it? Yes, there is! That’s where the Use It Up Challenge comes into play.

Use It Up Challenge

What is the Use It Up Challenge?

It is a way to focus on using what we have in our homes. We all have piles of stuff, bought with good intentions that then get neglected. Time to change that. Think of this as a declutter challenge where we use the items instead of simply getting rid of them. This way, the money we spent on those items doesn’t go to waste.

Each month, there will be a new category to focus on.

To keep ourselves accountable and track our progress, I will be using #IHUseItUp on social media. This will be a way to share successes and failures and encourage others to join in.

Does it need to be used up in one month?

No. Some categories may take longer to use up than others. However, if you are able to use up a category of items in a single month, then that’s great!

The point is to make an effort to use these items. Even if it takes you several months or a year, what matters is that you are using it.

Who can join?

You! Yes, you. I encourage everyone to join in on this challenge. Let’s make an effort to use up the stuff in our homes.

I hope you join me for the Use It Up Challenge. Be sure to check back at the first of every month for the focused area.

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