The fourth week of NaNoWriMo has come to an end. This last week truly flew by in no time and I can see the finish line of this writing challenge not far away. Though I have already hit the 50000-word mark to secure my win, that doesn’t mean that I am done writing. There is still a ton of work to do on this novel, including a major revamp of the outline, which in turn will force me to rewrite several chapters, scrap some others and add plenty of new ones. I’m up for the challenge, even though I know a lot of that workRead More →

Back in November 2018, I decided that I would make an effort to read all of the books that I owned. It was a bit of a daunting task, as my TBR was massive and felt quite overwhelming. However, in the first year I buckled down, did a lot of reading, and managed to put a fairly decent dent in my TBR. This TBR update: year two will see how much additional progress I have made in the last year. Am I still making good progress or have the books started to overwhelm me once more. TBR update: year two How does this work? WayRead More →

With the holidays fast approaching, there is a lot of shopping for gifts to be done. Family, friends, and even co-workers will require gifts. But what do you buy someone who is an introvert? Honestly, we aren’t that much different from anyone else. We simply prefer to spend time alone, preferably in our home. In fact, we are quite adept at being home for extended periods of time and keeping ourselves happy and entertained during that time. However, if you are looking for some specific ideas for gifts for introverts, then look no further. There are ideas here that will make an introvert cry withRead More →

The third week of NaNoWriMo has come to an end. I don’t know about you, but this month, and thus this challenge, seem to be absolutely flying by. This week brings us beyond the half-way point in the quest to write 50000 words in 30 days. At this point in the challenge, if you are sticking to hitting the minimum words needed each day, you will be sitting at 33340 words written so far. For non-writers, this can seem like an insane amount of writing. Honestly, even writers can struggle with it. However, the big pull of NaNoWriMo is pushing yourself to truly write asRead More →

The second week of NaNoWriMo has come to an end. This 30-day long writing challenge is an excellent way for writers to focus on getting their stories down. A tight deadline is just what a lot of us writers need to truly transform that idea we have floating around into a rough draft that will hopefully one day turn into a fully polished novel. By the end of the second week, the word count of your novel should be at 21671 words. If you are behind, don’t worry. Just keep writing and you will get there. If you are ahead, that’s fantastic! This NaNoWriMo 2020Read More →

November is here! We are coming up to the end of 2020 and it seems crazy that it’s already so late in the year. These last couple of months have really flown by and I’m starting to get excited for next year, but first, we need to get through the next two months. As always, a new month means I take some time to review my previous month’s goals, make any necessary adjustments, and then get busy setting my November 2020 goals. Before we get into November’s goals, let’s take a moment to go over how well I did with October’s goals. October goals reviewRead More →

November is the month of NaNoWriMo, a month-long challenge to write 50000 words in 30 days. This is a challenge that I and many other writers look forward to. Writing such a large number of words in a single month may sound like a daunting task but if you get prepared for it ahead of time, it can go quite smoothly. If you are looking for more information about NaNoWriMo order want to sign up, be sure to visit the official site. This NaNoWriMo 2020 week 1 update will show how well I have done in the first week of writing. NaNoWriMo 2020 week 1Read More →

With the arrival of November, it’s time to take a moment and look back at all of the books I read in October. This was a fairly light reading month but that was what I had expected it to be. Even so, every book that I do get through helps me to whittle down my large TBR into something a bit more manageable. I always say it doesn’t matter whether you read 1 or a hundred books in a month, or year for that matter, as long as you are reading then that’s what matters. Everyone reads at their own speed, so you should neverRead More →

The November Use It Up Challenge is here and it's all about tackling sentimental clutter.

Gather your collector’s plates, heirlooms, and precious memories. It’s time for the November Use It Up Challenge. This month’s focus is on sentimental items. I have gone easy on you for the last 10 months of this decluttering challenge, so it’s time to really push things. Sentimental items are one of the hardest categories to declutter for obvious reasons. We don’t want to give up our beloved stuffed bear from childhood, or the first pair of shoes our child owned, or that set of fancy dishes that we have never used! But here’s the problem. All of that stuff, while important to you, is stillRead More →

With the arrival of fall, everyone is keen to get busy baking. What better way to welcome the cooler weather than turning on your oven and baking up something delicious, especially if it features fall flavors. Like others, I had the hankering to bake and knew that it had to be an autumn related recipe. The craving for cookies was strong, so I knew I had to go that route. Add in some apples that needed to get used up and the obvious choice was cinnamon apple oatmeal cookies. These cookies turned out to be a perfect balance of soft and firm, with a distinctRead More →