My favorite things in May 2018

May is coming to an end. The month has gone by surprisingly fast. I have to say it was a great month. May was a transition month in many ways. Winter comes to an end and spring makes its appearance. This was also the month where changes and goals were being implemented in my life. Embracing positivity in life I decided that I would share my favorite things in May.

Black Currant & Quince Scented Candle

This was a gift from a friend. I wasn’t sure about the scent at first. However, I threw caution to the wind and the candle was lit. Soon the room was filled with such a fantastic scent. This candle quickly made its way into my favorites. The only bad thing is that it’s going to run out soon! We keep burning it because it smells divine, yet we haven’t been able to find another one.

The trip to Sudbury

Last week we ended up going on a short vacation. Sudbury is a place we like to visit annually. A big reason behind this is Science North, the science center there. Science North has been a favorite of ours for several years now and it is always fun to visit. Our son especially loves interacting with the displays and watching the movies. This trip we also visited the Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf and had a blast. This was a place we had been meaning to go to several times but never managed to squeeze it in. Add in the shopping, restaurants, and other attractions and you have a winning combination. Another reason for the trip was so we could see Solo: A Star Wars Story on opening night. A post will go up in the future going into more details about this trip.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

There were some doubts about this one. Could a movie about Han without Harrison Ford in it be good? Much as I wanted to go into the movie with a positive attitude there were a few reservations. It turned out that I was just being silly. This movie was good. My only regret is that we didn’t buy a second nights worth of tickets. Plans are being made to watch it again soon.

Starting this blog

Let’s just ignore that the first two posts were technically in April. May was the month that this blog truly got off the ground. It has been a labor of love putting all of these posts together. Some days I seriously doubted myself. Could I really do this? Maybe I was getting in over my head and would fail. I am so glad that I ignored the doubt and went ahead with this.

Warm weather

May is one of those odd months where winter hasn’t quite left yet, but spring still feels months away. As a result, we are often stuck wearing winter coats for a good chunk of the month. This year, the weather played nice. Sure, it was still pretty cold most mornings, but that quickly changed in the second half of the month. It almost felt like spring was going to happen on time for once – well as on time as we get up here. There have already been two days when we haven’t had to wear sweaters and that felt great!

Star Wars dinners

To celebrate Star Wars day on May 4, we decided to do a week of Star Wars themed meals. This took a bit of creativity and planning, but it was a total success. I shared all these meals on Instagram and we are already planning on doing this again next year.

How Clean Is Your House?

I stumbled upon this show on YouTube while watching several decluttering and cleaning videos. I was intrigued by what it was about and then found myself watching episode after episode. This show is basically a British version of Hoarders, but the difference is that the hosts tell it like it is instead of coddling the hoarder, which makes it more appealing. If you like shows about extremely dirty and cluttered homes and watching them transform into a liveable space, then this show may be for you!

What are your favorite things from May?

May was a great month and there were many things we enjoyed.


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    So glad to hear that Solo was good! I was hopeful but reserved about it too!

    1. Avatar

      It’s definitely worth watching. Has a great storyline and plenty of action.

  2. Avatar

    Well done on starting your blog!! I’ve just rebranded & started mine again ? my little brother is watching the new Star Wars film as we speak, I still need to buy tickets ?

    Awesome post, looking forward to seeing more! ?

    1. Avatar

      Thanks. I’ve very happy with how things are going with it so far. Your blog looks great. Hope you and your brother enjoy the Solo movie.

  3. Avatar

    I love your idea of Star Wars themed meals, what a fun and creative thing to do! I also enjoy watching How Clean Is Your House, the transformations are always awesome to watch. It’s very satisfying to watch it the place get cleaner and cleaner. Great post girl. Hope June is another fantastic month! ? xx

    Bexa |

    1. Avatar

      The Star Wars meals were such a success that we are planning on doing themed meals on a regular basis. We haven’t figured out what theme we will be doing next, but it’s going to be fun and challenging and I can’t wait. Yes, the transformation from a garbage-filled dump to a beautiful place is the best part of that show. Thanks, hope your June is great as well!

    1. Avatar

      If you do make some Star Wars dinners you’ll have to let me know, will be fun to see what you come up with.

  4. Avatar

    I loved Solo! Your scented candle also sounds absolutely lush!

    1. Avatar

      Glad to hear you loved Solo as well! The candle is so good smelling it’s not even funny.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks. The candle has such an amazing scent. If/when I find them myself, I will buy several of them.

  5. Avatar

    might have to go find that How Clean Is Your House once I get back to civilization (aka faster internet 🙂

    1. Avatar

      It’s definitely worth checking out. The show is hilarious and also inspiring based upon how huge the transformations in the people and houses are.

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