March Use It Up Challenge – Cleaning Supplies

The November Use It Up Challenge is here and it's all about tackling sentimental clutter.

March ushers in the start of spring and that means that spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind. With temperatures rising, it’s time to air out our homes after the long winter, knock out the dust and refresh the home with a good cleaning. There’s a good chance that your home already has the cleaning products you need in order to perform your spring cleaning. While cleaning occurs regularly around the year, spring cleaning is a bit different. It’s not just a quick wipe down of surfaces, it’s a deep cleaning that really gets every bit of dirt from every nook and cranny. That’s why the March Use It Up Challenge is all about using up those cleaning supplies. It’s time to gather your products, create a game plan and get your home clean and ready for the spring.

March Use It Up Challenge

Where to start?

The point of the Use It Up Challenge is to reduce what is in our homes by using those items. It’s a way to declutter while getting the most of those items.

First up, gather up all of your cleaning supplies. This includes any products, sponges, cloths and anything else you need.

Next, make a plan. What room will you do first? Which products and items will you need for it? Do this for each room, making an action plan of what you will clean and what is required for it. This will make the entire process go smoothly.

Since the focus of this challenge is to use up what we have, try to prioritize the products that are running low. Use those first and then try to finish your spring cleaning with your remaining products. This way, you can use up what it’s the house and avoid running to the store.

What I’m using up?

If everything goes well, I plan to use up as much of our cleaning supplies as possible. A lot of the bottles are already getting low, so this shouldn’t be too hard. Between the regular cleaning and the deep cleaning that comes with spring, it’s easy to go through a decent amount of these products.

  • Windex
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Tile cleaner
  • Mr. Clean
  • Homemade vinegar cleaner

As you can see, we don’t use a ton of cleaning products. I prefer ones that are multi-purpose so I don’t have to grab half a dozen items to clean. At this point, I actually prefer to use homemade vinegar cleaner for most of the cleaning. Hopefully, once this month is over I will have used up the other products allowing myself to par down to using less in the future.

Are you joining me for the March Use It Up Challenge? Let’s work together to clean our houses and welcome the spring. Don’t forget, to keep up with the previous month’s challenges as well. Though there is a focus on each month, using the items is not restricted to a single month.


  1. I seem to collect cleaning supplies. Mostly to try and solve a problem..I buy something that promises to get rid of hard water Mark’s or whatever and then when it doesn’t work the way I hoped I try something else! In the end it seems like they all work the same and I really need to just use up what I have and I would love to move towards using some more natural homemade cleaners as well! Will definitely have to jump in on this one..and it’s perfect tineing too since we are now deep cleaning to sell our house haha!

    1. Author

      I’ve had that problem in the past, but now I really limit how many products I buy. If it’s a single purpose cleaner then I probably won’t buy it, the exception being toilet bowl cleaner. Using natural cleaners is something I want to aim towards as well, so need to use up all of my current products first. Oh getting ready to sell your home is the perfect time to give it a solid deep cleaning and clear out those cleaning products you do have.

  2. Great post. I usually don’t have an issue with too many cleaning products, it’s usually being able to actually get rid of things. If only we could have random people come in to clean and organize without any emotional attachment to the things.

    1. Author

      Thank you. That’s good that you don’t have a done of cleaning supplies to deal with. Getting rid of things can be difficult, I would love to go into peoples homes and help them declutter – I can be pretty merciless with it.

  3. This post has really inspired me to spring clean my home very soon! March seems like the perfect time to do it. At the moment, I mostly use multi-purpose cleaning products but I am tempted to give your suggestion of homemade vinegar cleaner a try! Thanks for sharing Sarah, and good luck with your challenge. Have a great month! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Author

      Glad I could inspire you. It’s definitely a good time to get it done, that way when the nice spring weather comes you are free to go outside and enjoy it instead of staying inside cleaning. I hope you give it a try, I find the homemade cleaner works great with most cleaning needs except for glass.

  4. I’ve never heard of this challenge but I’m definitely intrigued! This has made me want to start cleaning my house! Thank you!

    1. Author

      The overall challenge started back in January and each month it focuses on a different area. Good luck with your spring cleaning.

  5. This is a cool way to get rid of the clutter under the cabinets make the house sparkle. I’ll use this when I start running low on something and need to get rid of it!

    1. Author

      It really is. No more half-filled bottles of cleaner in the house once this challenge is completed.

  6. We actually don’t have a ton of cleaning supplies either. Like you, we go with the multi-purpose ones a lot. In honor of spring cleaning, I definitely think you’ll love Marie Kondo’s new tidying book, Joy at Work, coming out in April. With all of this home time that we have now acquired, we will be working on many house projects. Sighhhh

    1. Author

      Multi-purpose cleaners are the way to go. I can’t wait till her new book comes out, I will be getting it when it does. It may not be the most fun thing ever, but getting those house projects done will feel good in the end.

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