Laundry room declutter

Laundry room organizing

Laundry rooms can be one of those places where you don’t think clutter will happen. However, taking a good look at your laundry room may reveal plenty of hidden clutter. Laundry rooms are an important part of family life. There will always be dirty clothes to wash. So having a clean and easy to use laundry room will make this never-ending task less stressful. Whether you have a small closet style laundry room or one that encompasses a much larger space, now if the time for a good laundry room declutter.

How to complete a laundry room declutter project

Clutter filled laundry room
So much stuff! The view from the entrance to my laundry room.

Like other rooms in your house, such as the bathroom or entryway, there are a few steps you must take to be successful in decluttering this space. If you are like me, your laundry room resembled a storage area that just happened to have a washer and dryer in it. This is not very conducive to getting laundry done. If you have to move something to reach your machines, then it’s time to get rid of that clutter!

Empty it out

Start by taking everything out of the room. Remove any bins, piles of stuff or anything else that isn’t attached to the floor. Place these items in another room for the time being. You want to make this room as empty as possible.

Clean it out

Now that everything has been removed, it’s time for a thorough cleaning. Dust, dryer lint and other small items have likely accumulated in the corners and spaces where clutter had lived. Get out the broom and dustpan and eliminate all of this unwanted dirt. Now is the time to also give this area a good mopping. Move the washer and dryer to make sure you have a chance to clean under them as well. You may be surprised at what you find hiding under them.

Tackle that clutter

With the room thoroughly cleaned, it’s time to tackle that pile of clutter. Divide everything into like groups and start sorting through it. Depending on how large your laundry room is, this may be a simple or more involved task. Perhaps there are items here that belong elsewhere in the house. Now is the time to put those things where they should be. If they don’t have a home, then it’s time to get rid of them. Be ruthless in your decluttering. Chances are, there will be things that you find that you had forgotten you owned. If this is the case, you likely don’t need those items anymore.

Create piles to toss, donate and keep. It’s okay to have a maybe pile but make sure that you deal with it in good time, otherwise, you are just returning the clutter to the same spot. Once you have determined what stays and what goes, it’s time to put what you are keeping back in the room. If you can find homes elsewhere in the house that is great. If not, try to put them where they will not interrupt your ability to do laundry.

Be sure to take those items that you plan to donate or toss out of the house as soon as possible. Otherwise, they are likely to become clutter once more.

How we tackled the clutter

More stuff in the laundry room.
The view of the space in front of my laundry machines before decluttering.

As I mentioned above, my laundry room looked more like a storage area than anything else. There was more stuff in it unrelated to laundry than anything else. This room acted as a catch-all. Whatever didn’t have a home, or I was too lazy to put away properly, ended up in here. I had boxes of stuff that my parents had brought up that had simply been tossed in there. There were toys my son had broken or outgrown. Bags of stuff that should have been donated a long time ago, and plenty of random crap. Add in the fact that this room was also used to hold our winter stockpile, and it was one hell of a mess.

After pulling everything out, I set out sorting out what needed to stay – namely the stock up items, and what needed to go. For the most part, it was a pretty easy process. A lot of what had made it into that room we no longer needed. I had just been too lazy to actually pack it all up and take it out for donation. When it was all said and done, most of what was in there was stuff I got rid of.

Everything that didn’t otherwise have a home, went back in. This mainly consisted of the stockpile items, the extra canned goods and a shelf full of tools and other things we use semi-frequently. In very little time I went from a room filled with crap to one that had tons of space.

The end result

After a few days of work, I managed to reclaim my laundry room. This was the first time in about eleven years that the room looked like it should. Admittedly there is still some storage in there, but I feel like that will slowly be removed as the rest of the house is decluttered. Anything that does ultimately remain in here will be organized so that it is out of the way, but remains easily accessible.

One thing we did do as stuff was put back in, was move the spare fridge. The plan is to eventually get rid of it since we never use it. However, where it was sitting, it actually blocked access to our fuse box, which is not a good thing.

Time to enjoy a clutter free laundry room! This will make doing the laundry less of a chore.


  1. Brilliant & can be applied as a way to clean any room or area! Absolutely love how you’ve written it & the pics used! xo♡

    1. Author

      Thanks. And yes, the basic idea can be applied to any room in your home.

  2. Author

    Thanks. It’s true, kids seem to be a magnet for stuff. Once I complete the initial full decluttering of the house, I will be doing regular decluttering so we never return to the chaotic mess we had before.

  3. My laundry room tends to be a bit of a catch all storage area too which can be annoying for sure. Will have to put some of these tips into practice!

    1. Author

      It’s so easy to toss stuff into a laundry room to deal with later. It will be well worth giving your own a decluttering.

    1. Author

      It was a pretty big task. I knew the room was bad, but working on it really showed me how much I underestimated how bad it was. I still need to get it fully organized, but I’m happy with the progress so far.

  4. Love this post. Our laundry room happens to double as my boyfriend’s man cave/shop. He wanted to work on cleaning it this weekend so I definitely will be suggesting the “trash/donate/keep” for the project. I’m personally working on keeping less junk. I’ve cleaned my closet a couple times and the “if you haven’t used/worn it in 6 months, it’s out” rule has helped. Great post!

    1. Author

      I hope the trash/donate/keep process helps you guys out when cleaning out your laundry room and man cave. That’s another great way to keep the clutter at bay as well. We go through our closets in the spring and fall and do purges then. Really helps to keep us from having too much unused clothing and stuff in general.

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