June 2021 Use It Up Challenge – Outdoor Decor

Gather your outdoor solar lights, lawn chairs, and garden gnomes! It’s time for the June 2021 Use It Up Challenge. This month we are focusing on outdoor decor. Chances are you have some outdoor decor, and depending on the size of your yard and how often you use it, you may have quite a bit. But are you using all that you own or is most of it sitting in your shed collecting dust? Let’s take this month to focus on ensuring we are truly using these items and any that we are not, are sold or donated to ensure we aren’t holding onto clutter.

The previous categories this year covered were kitchen items, pet supplies, technology, seeds, and movies.

June 2021 Use It Up Challenge – Outdoor Decor

What is the Use It Up Challenge?

This is a monthly decluttering challenge that focuses on using the items instead of simply getting rid of them. This helps to reduce waste and also gets your money worth out of those items. Each month, a new category is chosen and we will focus on that category all month long. However, you don’t have to stop once that month ends. Keep decluttering and using up those items all year long. It will have a huge impact on your home and life at the end of the year.

If you are joining in, be sure to share your progress on social media using #IHUseItUp. I’d love to see how everyone is getting along with the challenge.

Where to start

As always, the best way to start is by gathering all of your outdoor decor items. This can include lawn chairs, flags, solar lights, and lawn ornaments. Once you have them all gathered, sort them into categories. Furniture, ornaments, lights, flags, seasonal, etc. From there, quickly identify any that are broken. Then either need to be tossed or repaired.

Any item that you no longer love, can be placed in a pile to be donated or sold. People are often looking for neat items to add to their backyards, so as long as the item is in good condition then you should be able to sell them without issue.

Items that are broken or worn out beyond repair should be placed in a separate pile and tossed once you are done going through everything.

How to use it up?

This step is fairly simple. Start putting out the items you want to display in your garden, on your deck, or wherever else they usually go. Once all those items are out on display, see what is left. Some of these items may be seasonal, so they won’t go out in the spring. However, as long as you know they will for sure be used in the fall or winter, then go ahead and keep them.

Once you have gone through everything, sorting into seasonal categories where appropriate, see what is left.

Do you have a flag that has gotten faded or a bit raggedy? Or is that lawn gnome in need of a new paint job? Perhaps it’s time to get rid of it. If you want, you can always replace it, but remember, the point of this challenge is to reduce what we have.

Once all those items are repaired or tossed, ensure that everything you are keeping will be used over the course of a year. If you doubt you will ever again use them, then it’s time to bid them farewell. With your backyard or porch decorated with all the items you love, it’s time to get outside and enjoy those items. Mix up a batch of switchel, pull up a lawn chair, and sit in your freshly decorated oasis.

What I’m using up

We already have a minimal amount of outdoor decor items. However, I will be making sure that each and every one of them is what we want to keep and will use this year and many years to come. In fact, I’m certain that all our decor items are already in their respective places in the garden and backyard. So, unless I find something tucked away in the shed, then I know all these items we will be keeping.

Will you be joining the June 2021 Use It Up Challenge? What outdoor decor items will you be using this month?


    1. Author

      Of course I did. It’s my favorite item.

  1. Thank you for this great challenge. We’re definitely in need of a big cleanse in our house. Will definitely try participating in this!

    1. Author

      Glad to hear you are participating. I hope this challenge helps you clear out the clutter. Keep checking back as there will be a different category to work on every month.

  2. We have a garden shed full of gardening odds and ends. I have a tough time getting rid of ok’d flower pots. Thanks to your June Use It Up Challenge for garden decor, I might venture into the shed this afternoon to see what I find! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Author

      I totally understand having a hard time getting rid of items like that. But that’s why this challenge is about using items over getting rid of them. I hope you find a use for those items in your shed and if not that they find a good home elsewhere if possible.

  3. I love your June 2021 Use It Up Challenge! I need to go through my outdoor holiday decorations. It’s one of those things you forget about once you get them put away in the garage. I have faded items that I no longer put out or things that we’ve outgrown. This is a great reminder and opportunity to get to work. Thank you for the challenge.

    1. Author

      Thank you. Oh, I understand completely, holiday stuff is so easy to forget about unless it’s the season to put it out. I hope you’re able to go through everything and sort out the items you no longer need or use so that you can clear up space.

    1. Author

      Thanks. It’s nice to give these items a bit of a spotlight.

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