January 2022 Use It Up Challenge – Exercise Equipment

Gather your dumbbells, yoga mats, and jump ropes. It’s time for the January 2022 Use It Up Challenge. This month we are focusing on exercise equipment. With a new year here, many people will be setting resolutions. Oftentimes, those resolutions involve losing weight or regularly exercising. To help with sticking to that resolution, and ensure we use what’s in our homes, we are going to use using our exercise equipment. So, let’s grab those weights we keep letting sit idle and start moving.

The previous categories this year covered were kitchen items, pet supplies, technology, seeds, movies, outdoor decor, tools, hardware, school supplies, organizers, and music.

January 2022 Use It Up Challenge – Exercise Equipment

What is the Use It Up Challenge?

This is a monthly decluttering challenge that focuses on using the items instead of simply getting rid of them. This helps to reduce waste and also gets your money worth out of those items. Each month, a new category is chosen and we will focus on that category all month long. However, you don’t have to stop once that month ends. Keep decluttering and using up those items all year long. It will have a huge impact on your home and life at the end of the year.

If you are joining in, be sure to share your progress on social media using #IHUseItUp. I’d love to see how everyone is getting along with the challenge.

Where to start

Gather up all your exercise equipment. This includes unburying the treadmill that has become a storage spot for everything. Dust off those weights. Unroll your yoga mats.

Once you have everything found, check it to make sure it’s in good shape. Items like resistance bands can wear out over time and that can lead to them breaking while in use. You want your exercise equipment to be in good working order to avoid injury and to be able to use it properly.

Once you know what you have to work with, plan out a routine that will include all of this equipment.

How to use it up

This is the simple part. Start working out. What you do will depend on the equipment you have, your fitness level, and what fitness goal you have.

Perhaps you will join in on a 30-day fitness challenge. These can be good ways to start out. But be warned, the results of these fitness challenges aren’t always what is advertised. However, they can at least get you started on your journey to losing weight or getting in shape.

The best way to consistently use this equipment is to set up a regular exercise routine. If you are just starting out, then begin with small amounts of movements and work your way up from there, increasing the number of reps and time spent working out. If you are an old pro, then perhaps you only need to add time, resistance, or reps to your exercise routine.

Be sure to build a routine around all of the equipment you own. This way, you can ensure that it is all being used regularly. Remember that not all exercises need equipment. Things like jumping jacks and lunges can be done without any.

What I’ll be using up

We have a small collection of exercise equipment. Mostly weights, along with a jump rope, pull-up bar, and a couple of resistance bands.

This is all stuff that we regularly use and so will continue to do so throughout this month and the rest of the year.

Will you be joining the January 2022 Use It Up Challenge?

January 2022 Use It Up Challenge - Exercise Equipment


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      Thank you. I thought giving those typical decluttering challenges a unique spin would be a good idea. That way, we are only getting rid of the items we truly don’t need.

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