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Creating an inviting space when entering your house can truly make it feel like a home. The entryway is generally the first place people see upon coming into your home. This space should be functional while also appealing to the eye. Depending on the size, it may be fairly simple to organize an entryway. Whether large or small, it’s important to make this area feel welcoming.  This was the first real organizing project that I had tackled. All previous attempts at organizing involved throwing items in a box and then doing my best to hide that box. With this entryway organization project, I wanted to create a space to hold our outdoor items that also was a perfect space for welcoming guests.

Our biggest challenge was the size and layout of the entryway. The small storage space is blocked off whenever the door is open and there really isn’t a ton of space to begin with. This often means that only two people can be actively putting on or taking off their shoes at a time. Even so, I knew with a bit of planning, I would be able to make a welcoming and functional area.

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Entryway organization

The starting point

The first step was to declutter this space. It is inherently difficult to organize an area that is filled with clutter. In fact, doing so will simply result in that clutter being temporarily tucked into pretty boxes before it spills back into unwanted places.

With the space cleared out, it’s time to move on to organizing.

Making necessary repairs

A big part of creating a welcoming entryway is to ensure space is living up to its potential. If you have any unfinished projects here, now is the time to fix it. Whether it’s adding a new layer of paint, removing or adding shelves or fixing holes in the drywall, take the time to do these tasks before jumping into the organizing. Our entryway was in desperate need of a fresh layer of paint. The hardest part of this process was picking out a color we loved.

Before painting, we made sure to patch a few holes and rough spots in the drywall. There were also some minor adjustments that needed to be made to the shelf and coat rack, so we knocked those out before painting. Next came the paint. Since our entryway connects to our open-concept dining room and kitchen, this was a two-day project to get everything painted. It was a lot of work but well worth the effort. Our painting had to wait until later, as we first decluttered and organized in the winter, making painting the walls difficult.

Get those items organized

With the repairs and painting done, it was time to move on to the organization of this space. A new shoe rack was the first purchase. Our old one was too small for my husband’s shoes and too big for our sons. After looking for what would suit our family’s needs, we settled on a 3-tier shoe rack. This gave us each one shelf to put our shoes on. We also bought some new floor mats and boot trays, as our old ones were worn out.

To keep all of our smaller outdoor items organized, we decided to get some cloth cube bins. Each of us would get two, one for summer items and one for winter items. To make it easy to know which bin belongs to which person, we got dinner colors. As the seasons change, we can easily switch the bins around, putting the no longer needed items up top. With these items, our small entryway was looking inviting and well organized.

Tips for entryway organization

Declutter before you organize. This is by far the most important step. You don’t want to be putting effort into organizing the stuff you don’t need.

Determine what your space needs. Does it need more storage space? What decorative touch do you want to add? Do you want it to reflect the rest of the house, or be its own unique space? How large is the space you have to work with?

Use what you already have if possible. This will save you money and time.

Measure your space! Write all these measurements down and bring them with you to the store. You don’t want to buy items that are too large or small for the area.

Create a budget. How much are you willing to spend in this area? Is this a large project that you will have to save for, or something that only requires a few cheap items to complete? Once that is decided, you can move on to shopping. Don’t bankrupt yourself by doing this. If you need to, buy one item at a time until you have it all.

Don’t rush your decisions! You don’t want to be stuck with an ugly item, or something that proves to be a hindrance instead of a help. I recommend making two lists. One of what items you absolutely need for this space, and a second for optional items – these would be your wants. Then it’s time to price it all out.

Wait for sales. This will keep your budget under control and may allow you to buy a few extras as well. Keep all receipts and price tags until you are one hundred percent satisfied. If an item needs to be returned for some reason, you will want these handy.

If possible, try all of the new items in different locations around your entryway until you find the spot that is perfect for it. This is easier with larger entryways. Don’t be afraid to move some things around after a few days or weeks to make sure this space doesn’t look too cluttered.

The final results

Due to the delay in painting, it took us close to a year to get our entryway exactly how we wanted it. However, it was well worth the time and effort to get this space just right. I am so happy with how everything looks and we are no longer greeted with chaos upon entering the house.

Have you organized your entryway? If not, now is a great time to do so.


    1. Author

      Thanks. I felt the colored bins really helped to add a little pop to the area on top of making it easy to know which bin belonged which person.

  1. It looks so organised. Beautifully done.
    Nice post.Thanks for sharing!

    1. Author

      Thanks. It’s definitely improved how quickly we can get ready and out the door now that things are more organized and there isn’t so much stuff in the way.

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