Decorating and organizing your bathroom

Bathrooms are one of those spaces that can often get overlooked when decorating. It’s a space we usually organize, but rarely make it something special. Since it is a room that is used only on occasion and for short periods of time, it’s easy to not think about decorating it. But why not make your bathroom fun to look at. Today we will be focusing on decorating and organizing your bathroom

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Where to start

If you haven’t decluttered your bathroom, then make this your priority. You do not want to be finding homes for items that you do not need.

Storage can be a challenge in bathrooms. They are small spaces and don’t always have enough space to put everything. Consider what items you absolutely need to have in there and from there make a plan on how you will fit it all in. Do you need to add more cupboards? Do you need a new vanity that has storage space underneath? These are all things to consider before you start.

Next to consider is the overall look. Do you like the paint color? Wish it was darker or lighter? Paint isn’t all that expensive, but can really change the look of a room. Lighter paint color can make the room appear larger. What about lighting? Is what you have sufficient?

Don’t forget your budget! Are you trying to do this on a shoestring budget or is this a major all-in project? This needs to be determined before you start. Now is the time to start pricing out items. If you can do any necessary work yourself then that will cut down on costs.

If you are sticking to a budget, make sure to plan ahead. Wait for sales if at all possible.

Decorating your bathroom

How you decorate a bathroom will depend on personal taste. If your house already has an overall theme to it, then extend that into the bathroom.

Who uses the bathroom can also be a factor to consider. Is this a master bathroom or one that the entire family uses? This will determine who gets a say into the decoration of the room. If multiple people are involved then you will all need to agree.

Because bathrooms are small, it is a good idea to limit the number of decorative items placed within it. There is nothing wrong with adding a few pieces, however, you don’t want to clutter the room with stuff in an attempt to make it pretty.

Organizing your bathroom

Neatly folded towels.

When organizing a room, try to use what you have first. This will help you keep the cost down and also use up things you already have in the house. Perhaps you have a small basket somewhere else that currently has no use. Place it on top of the toilet tank and fill it with toilet paper for easy access.

Drawers can become filled with a jumble of products. Consider adding small containers to keep these items in one spot and stop them from becoming mixed up.

Using containers in a linen closet will also help to keep things well organized. Any smaller items, like extra shampoo, soap or makeup can be placed in these bins.

Towels can be placed in bins. However, I feel that simply folding them is enough to keep them organized. Don’t buy bins just for the sake of it. Each item should have a purpose when it comes to organizing.

How I decorated and organized our bathroom

One of the first things I did was remove the vanity. This may seem counter-intuitive since so many bathrooms are lacking in space. However, for us, the medicine cabinet wasn’t needed. Not only was it falling apart, but we weren’t using that storage space. This resulted in wasted space since the medicine cabinet stuck out from the wall. Replacing this with a simple mirror really opened up the room.

For organizing the drawers in the vanity, I opted to use several small clear plastic containers that were already in the house. These were the perfect size for storing hair bands, shaving supplies, and a few other essentials that needed to remain easily accessible. The main storage space under the vanity is so rarely used that we didn’t do anything with it.

Of course, the biggest change of all was adding the Star Wars theme. My family loves Star Wars, and so it made sense to decorate this bathroom in that theme. It was by far the easier part of the process. We already had a Star Wars Bath Mat, which made the decision even more obvious. During our shopping trip to the city, we hit up several stores. Between those places, we were able to get everything we needed to fulfill this theme.

Over the toilet storage cupboard
Over the toilet storage cupboard.

What it cost

I got really lucky when buying the necessary items and only paid full price for one of them. All of the prices below include tax.

  • Plastic Shower Curtain Liner – $10.35
  • Star Wars Shower Curtain – $5.75
  • Darth Vader Soap Dispenser – $4.60
  • Stormtrooper Toothbrush Holder – $4.60
  • Wall Mirror – $45.98

The total amount spent on this project was $71.28. This came well within our $100 budget. The money left over will go towards the last little touch ups that need to be made. Had we not been able to buy nearly every item on sale or clearance then we definitely would have gone over budget.

Changes to be made

Star Wars themed bathrooms are the best.
Star Wars themed bathrooms are the best.

Our bathroom looks great now. However, there are one of two small projects that still need to be done before the room is complete

Firstly, we need to patch some small holes in the drywall. When we removed the medicine cabinet it left several holes from where it was attached to the wall. On top of that, there were additional holes and blemishes to the drywall. Most of these are now covered by the mirror, but eventually, I want to get them fixed. This will also lead to getting a fresh coat of paint in the room.

Getting a Star Wars garbage bucket. I had the chance to get one a while back and I’m kicking myself for not getting it. My husband pointed it out to me when we were shopping and I told him we didn’t need it because there was already a garbage pail in the bathroom. I was trying to be good and save money by not getting something we technically already had. Now I wish I had listened to his suggestion because every time I see the current one I feel as though it doesn’t fit with the theme.


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