Decorate and organize your home’s entryway

Creating an inviting space when entering your house can truly make it feel like a home. The entryway is generally the first place people see upon coming into your home. This space should be functional but also appealing to the eye. The first step to have a useful entryway is to declutter that space. Once you are left with only the items you need, it is time to decorate and organize your home’s entryway.

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Where to start

Now that you have a decluttered entryway, it is time to decide what you want out of the space.

Does it need more storage space? What decorative touch do you want to add? Do you want it to reflect the rest of the house, or be its own unique space? How large is the space you have to work with?

Once you have decided on these, it’s time to set a budget. How much are you willing to spend in this area? Is this a large project that you will have to save for, or something that only requires a few cheap items to complete. Once that is decided, you can move on to shopping.

I recommend making two lists. One of what items you absolutely need for this space, and a second for optional items – these would be your wants. Then it’s time to price it all out. Don’t immediately buy the first items that you find. Many stores will sell similar items. Write down the price for each of the stores. Take pictures if you want to remember the exact details of the pieces. Once you have this done for all items, it’s time to decide what you want to get and what is out.

This is where things can get fun, though sometimes tricky. Perhaps that focal piece you had your heart set on doesn’t go with the shoe rack. Now you have to decide which item you want more. Once that decision is made, you will need to find a new alternative for the piece you discarded. This process can take some time. You may even find that items will need to be changed after you have purchased them.

Once you have made a final list of items you need, and want, for your entryway, it’s time to start purchasing them.

Now comes the fun part. Putting it all together. It may take time to place all the items. You may find you need to shift things around to make them work.

Things to remember

Use what you already have if possible. This will save you money and time.

Measure your space! Write all these measurements down and bring them with you to the store. You don’t want to buy items that are too large or small for the area.

Determine whether your budget works. Don’t bankrupt yourself doing this. If you need to, buy one item at a time until you have it all.

Don’t rush your decisions! You don’t want to be stuck with an ugly item, or something that proves to be a hindrance instead of a help.

Wait for sales. This will keep your budget under control and may allow you to buy a few extras as well.

Keep all receipts and price tags until you are one hundred percent satisfied. If an item needs to be returned for some reason, you will want these handy.

How I decorated and organized our entryway

Decorate and organize your home's entryway easily.For our entryway, I was looking to add better storage solutions. We had been using collapsible storage bins to hold all of our hats and gloves. While these worked for a time, they were not perfect. Nor were they attractive to look at. Being that there are three of us, I decided to color code our bins. Buying Cloth Cube Bins in our favorite colors made it easy to know which bins belonged to which person.

Next up was the shoe rack. Our old shoe rack was a bit of a joke. My husband’s shoes were too big to stay in it. Our son’s shoes were too small. Mine never seemed to want to sit right on it. It was by far the most frustrating item in the area. Not to mention it was ugly as well. I searched for quite some time to find a shoe rack that was big enough, but also one that looked nice. I settled upon a 3-Tier Shoe Rack.

Finally, we needed to update the mats. Our old floor mats were starting to disintegrate. They also had a habit of sliding around. We choose a Rubber Backed Floor Mat. This would prevent it from slipping around, but also keep the moisture from going into the floor. We also got a new Boot Tray, since ours were quite old and were starting to fall apart.

What ours cost

All prices include taxes

The total amount spent on decorating this space to $87.55. This was under our $100 budget. I was fortunate enough to buy nearly every item for our entryway on sale. When working on your own decorating project, be sure to keep an eye out for sales. This will help to reduce the overall price of your project. Those savings can be applied to other household updates or items that you need.

Changes to be made

While I am happy with the results of our entryway, a couple of changes will occur in the future.

The entire area needs a fresh coat of paint. This has been on our to-do list for a while now. However, we plan to finally tackle this project over the summer. We have not decided on a color yet, but I will show an update once it is complete.

The second change I want to make is adding more storage bins. Right now all of our outdoor gear is shoved into those three bins. I will be adding a second set of bins so that we can divide the summer and winter items. That way, as the season’s change, I simply need to swap the bins around for easy access.


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      Thanks. I felt the colored bins really helped to add a little pop to the area on top of making it easy to know which bin belonged which person.

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    It looks so organised. Beautifully done.
    Nice post.Thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks. It’s definitely improved how quickly we can get ready and out the door now that things are more organized and there isn’t so much stuff in the way.

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