Decluttering Your Homes Entryway

Clutter is a fact of life. Items are bought, used and often forgotten about. This creates the clutter that fills up homes and makes life stressful. My house has its fair share of clutter. Getting rid of clutter can seem like a daunting task. This is why I made specific decluttering goals this year. The best way to tackle a house declutter is to break it down into sections. Since the entryway is the first place you see when coming home, it is the perfect place to start. Today we will be tacking decluttering your home’s entryway.

The starting point

The entryway before we decluttered.

For the most part, entryways are clutter free. This space contains necessities for the outdoors. Shoes, coats, and hats. Storing these items in an easy to grab location is key to keeping an entryway functional. Over time, clutter can accumulate.

Those receipts from shopping end up on the shelf. Bags are placed where the shoes go.

The first step is to remove everything. Take down all the coats, remove the shoes. Clear that space! Now the real fun starts.

Once clear, take the opportunity to wipe everything. Getting rid of the dust is just as important as removing the clutter. Plus you want the space to be clean when items are put back into it.

Our entryway is quite small. It is also not designed well. This means that even a small amount of clutter can make it less functional.

Purge the items

The best way to get rid of items is to sort them. Create a pile for coats, another for shoes. Break it down into categories.

Go through one pile at a time. Have each family member try on their coats. Look for any wear or damage that will prevent them from being usable in the future. Those items that can be repaired should be placed off to the side. Just make sure you actually fix them in good time. Repeat this process for each category.

Seasonal items should now be placed into storage or rotated in.

How we tackled the clutter

Our entryway had a lot of winter items in bins. We each had a large collapsible container full of mitts, toques, scarfs and other items. Mixed in those, were summer hats and sunglasses. Each family member went through their bin, trying on each item and getting rid of whatever didn’t fit or wasn’t needed anymore.

The biggest hurdle was getting my husband on board. He had so many hats and gloves in his bin. He was very reluctant to get rid of any of them. With time he managed to take his hat collection from over 30 down to a dozen. I still feel like that is too many hats. But I had to choose my battles. So he kept lots of hats, but most importantly go rid of over half of them. He also had a lot of shoes to sort through. We managed to pair these down quite a bit.

All of my husband’s coats, gloves, and hats. Look how much there is!

The most important step to decluttering is to actually get rid of the items you no longer need. Don’t let these items sit in your house. They will inevitably make it back into your decluttered area. Make sure to take them to the donation center or sell them within a few days. This will ensure they leave your house once and for all.


The final result

The entryway after.

Now that those items have been removed, it is time to put everything else back.

For our entryway, I simply put the items we kept back into their original containers. I decided, for the time, to keep all of our winter wear in the entryway. I may consider storing it elsewhere in the future, however, for now, I am simply happy to have a less cluttered space.

As you can see, my son hangs his coat on the railing. This makes it easier for him to reach but ultimately makes this space look messy. I am hoping that in the future he will start properly hanging his coat. We also have a small plastic bin strapped to the railing so he can easily grab hats, mitts, and sunglasses. Otherwise, we would need to grab them each time he goes outside.

Enjoy your clutter free space! The next project to tackle will be to properly organize this area.

Keeping your homes entryway clear from clutter can help make the rest of the home feel more inviting. Find out how to declutter your homes entryway today.


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    Some Great tips on here that I need to employ in our own entranceway! I am so jealous that you actually have an entryway closet! All our stuff has to go on a shoe rack and hooks. Keeping it decluttered is an ongoing but necessary task since its basically part of our living room.

    1. Avatar

      Having that closet there is definitely a big benefit of our entryway. It certainly helps me keep things mostly decluttered. Hopefully going forward we can keep it clutter free and well organized now. I could see how having no storage space in your entryway would prove a challenge. Hopefully, these tips will help you declutter your own entryway a bit.

  2. Avatar

    Honestly, I’m a little envious! My house doesn’t have an area like this so the only clutter we accumulate are coats thrown over a bench in our hallway or the odd bag dumped on the floor. It would be nice to have an actual designated space downstairs for these things! x


    1. Avatar

      I really can’t imagine not having a space like this in a home. I may complain that our entryway is too small, but I am grateful that it has that closet space. At least you don’t have too much clutter in yours.

  3. Avatar

    I love how you’re making a point to declutter the entryway! It’s the first thing guests see so that is another reason why it is important to keep it minimal. Oh man, we don’t realize how much things pile up in that area until it’s PACKED! These are great steps you took to declutter the area. I love the end result. Looks clean! 🙂

    1. Avatar

      That’s exactly why I started with the entryway since it’s the first thing you and your guests see when they walk into a home. It’s very true, it’s so easy to accumulate stuff and not realize you have so much until it fills a room. I will actually be doing a declutter post on all the rooms in our house, as well as a reorganzing/decorating post shortly after those. Thanks, I’m pretty happy with the results myself. Just need to switch up a few things to get it to really look how I want it to.

  4. Avatar

    Love this ? we live in a very small house so even a little bit of clutter makes the place look extremely unorganized and crowded. Infact, my coat closet is the most cluttered area of the house. I’ll be cleaning this area for sure today! Thanks for the tips ?

    1. Avatar

      Small areas are definitely more heavily affected by clutter. However, I would say larger rooms are worse because you can put so much in them before you realize they are filling with stuff. I will be sharing tips on how to declutter other areas of a home over the coming months, so stay tuned for those posts.

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    These are really great points I need to embed in my mind. I love seeing the end result – everything looks so clean and organized 😀

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Avatar

      I hope they will help you in your own decluttering projects. I’ve very happy with the results as well. Now I can work on organizing and decorating the area.

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    You did such a good job of decluttering, it all looks so welcoming, neat and organised ?. Decluttering is so therapeutic. I spend some time clearing out my cupboards at the weekend and I immediately felt calmer and proud of my efforts. Love this post! Thanks for sharing your tips ? xx

    Bexa |

    1. Avatar

      Thanks. We definitely have noticed how much nicer it is when coming home. I still need to organize it a bit more, but it’s certainly an improvement from before. Regularly decluttering is definitely good for the house and to make you feel less stressed.

    1. Avatar

      I’m the same way. I absolutely love reading posts and watching videos about decluttering. Not only is it enjoyable to see the difference once the clutter is gone, I also find it a great inspiration to declutter my own stuff.

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      Decluttering is quite a task, but the end result is well worth the effort.

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    LOL – I love that you included the picking your battles. I’m attempting this with the closet – and his old office wear. From 5? years ago… when he was 15 pounds lighter.

    No progress yet, but wish me luck.

    1. Avatar

      Decluttering family stuff is all about picking battles. Keep “bugging” him about it and he may eventually allow you to get rid of some of it. If he’s like my hubby, once you get him going on decluttering then he gets into it more. IT’s breaking down that initial resistance that’s the tough part.

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