With the arrival of April, it’s time to take a moment to look back at the books I read in March. When it comes to hobbies, reading is at the top of my list. Reading is an escape, a form of entertainment, and a way to expand my knowledge in various topics. A while ago, I felt like my enormous TBR was completely overwhelming and that I would never get through it. Yet two years later, I was surprised by how much progress I had made with my TBR. One great thing about the books I read this month was that there were so manyRead More →

With the arrival of March, it’s time to take a moment to look back at the books I read in February. Reading is one of my favorite activities to do and I look forward to discovering new stories and authors. Exploring books every month not only allows me to enjoy these stories but also helps me to reduce my enormous TBR into something a bit more manageable. The February 2021 reading wrap-up will showcase the books I read during the month and my thoughts on them. This post may contain affiliate links. This means that should you make a purchase after following one of theseRead More →

Another month of reading has come to an end. January is the month where readers often set goals of how many books they want to read in the year. I used to do this, but now I no longer set number goals, outside of a minimum per month. That is because I mainly want to focus on enjoying the books I am reading and ensure I am working through my TBR. With every month that passes and every book read, I have managed to take my TBR from an overwhelming pile of books to something far more manageable. This January 2021 reading wrap-up showcases theRead More →

With the arrival of January, it’s time to take a moment and look back at the books I read in December. This month was filled with holiday preparation, the first few heavy snowfalls of winter, and that overwhelming desire for the year to be over. The goal I had set for myself was to read 5 books during the month, something I can usually easily do. However, this month I found myself either not feeling like reading or simply not setting aside the time each day. Despite this, I was able to squeeze in just enough reading to hit that goal. Doing so helped toRead More →

Another month of reading has come to an end. November was a fairly busy month with NaNoWriMo taking up the vast majority of my time. Then toss in the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and I honestly didn’t think I would have much time for reading. Though my goal was to get through five books, I had a sneaking suspicion I wouldn’t get beyond two books read. However, I could never have imagined that I would read so much given everything I had going on but I am pleasantly surprised by my reading this month. This November 2020 reading wrap-up goes over the booksRead More →

Back in November 2018, I decided that I would make an effort to read all of the books that I owned. It was a bit of a daunting task, as my TBR was massive and felt quite overwhelming. However, in the first year I buckled down, did a lot of reading, and managed to put a fairly decent dent in my TBR. This TBR update: year two will see how much additional progress I have made in the last year. Am I still making good progress or have the books started to overwhelm me once more. TBR update: year two How does this work? WayRead More →

With the arrival of November, it’s time to take a moment and look back at all of the books I read in October. This was a fairly light reading month but that was what I had expected it to be. Even so, every book that I do get through helps me to whittle down my large TBR into something a bit more manageable. I always say it doesn’t matter whether you read 1 or a hundred books in a month, or year for that matter, as long as you are reading then that’s what matters. Everyone reads at their own speed, so you should neverRead More →

With the arrival of October, it’s time to take a moment and look back at all of the books I read in September. This month was quite busy, so I wasn’t sure how much reading I would get in. Despite this, I had set myself a goal to read 10 books this month. Reading has been my favorite pastime for many years. In fact, my love of reading, and more so buying books, was what led me to have such an enormous TBR. However, I have spent the past year and a bit working on whittling that TBR down. With each month that passes, itRead More →

With the arrival of September, it’s time to take a moment and look back at the books I read in August. Though I had grand plans of reading a ton of books this month, August was incredibly busy and I often found myself struggling to squeeze in enough reading time. I did read nearly every day, but even then it didn’t seem to be enough. Even so, I was able to get through some books, which is better than none and this is helping to reduce my giant TBR to a more manageable level as each month passes. The August 2020 reading wrap-up goes overRead More →

With the arrival of August, it’s time to take a moment to look back at the books I read in July. Saying that July was a busy month feels like a complete understatement. Even so, I made sure to set aside time to read nearly every day. Reading is my favorite way to spend time, so it’s important for me to do so as often as possible. As the months go by and with each book that I read, I am getting closer to tackling my enormous TBR. Focusing on my TBR has allowed me to put a pretty good dent in it over theRead More →