May was a lighter month of reading. I had grand intentions of getting a ton of reading done, but then other tasks ate up much of my time. Even so, I did get the squeeze in some time here and there to pick up a book. While I would have liked to have read a bit more, getting through even a bit of my TBR is always nice. Reading is one of my favorite ways to spend time and with each month that passes, I am steadily working on reducing what was once a massive TBR into something a bit more manageable. The May 2022Read More →

Another month of reading has come to an end. While April felt initially sluggish, I quickly fell into a pattern of regular reading again and often found myself glued to my reading corner for hours on end. This is good news, as I am still working on reducing my large TBR, though I have done a fair job of shrinking it over the last few years. Some books that had been waiting years for my attention finally got their time to shine, however, plenty of newer books also made it into the pile this month. This April 2022 reading wrap-up will show off all thatRead More →

March was, initially, a lackluster reading month. I had every intention of sitting down and reading every day yet I couldn’t be bothered to do so. However, as the month progressed and began to creep closer to the end, I got my reading desire back. With every book I got through I was that much closer to hitting my reading goal for the month while also reducing my giant TBR. What was once an overwhelming TBR has shrunk over 3 years of dedicated reading and limited purchasing of new books. My March 2022 reading wrap-up showcases the books I read and my general thoughts onRead More →

February was a crazy reading month. I did not plan to do a ton of reading and yet life threw me the opportunity. Our modem died at the end of January and wasn’t fixed until mid-February. This led to a lot of free time and so I turned to books. In fact, most of these books were read in the first 10 days of the month. Honestly, in a way, this was fantastic because it allowed me to truly tackle my TBR in an unexpected way. As with most months, I read a pretty good mix of genres in February, as I find sticking toRead More →

With February solidly in place, it means my reading time in January has come to an end. Over the last few years, I have dedicated my reading time to tackling my massive TBR, which luckily has shrunk quite a bit. Not only do I love to read, but I also love to share what I have read with others. In fact, oftentimes, I pick up books because I have seen others talking about them and that has piqued my interest. Some of those books I enjoy, some I don’t. This January 2022 reading wrap-up showcases the books that I read during the month along withRead More →

The arrival of January brings another month of reading to an end. December was a relaxed month in many respects, as I cut back on my goals to focus on enjoying the final month of the year, while also working on finishing up tasks such as my milwordy challenge. Even so, I made sure to make plenty of time for reading. After all, though my TBR has shrunk over the last three years, there are still plenty of books that need to be read. So, I do my best to read a designated number of books each month. One exciting development this month was thatRead More →

The arrival of December brings another month of reading to an end. November is the month when I am focused on NaNoWriMo, and so I wasn’t expecting much reading-wise. However, my best-laid plans of ignoring the vast majority of my TBR were thrown out the window. Despite dedicating most of my time to writing, I still managed to read plenty of books. I think it helped that so many of these books were stellar reads that I gobbled up. Be prepared to add many of these books to your own TBR as they truly are phenomenal works that everyone should read. So, without further ado,Read More →

Readers have this funny habit of buying books faster than they can consume them. This often leads to TBR growing at an exponential rate while the actual number of read books stays relatively low. I was one of those readers. The desire to own all those books outweighed the ability to read them. However, I have changed my ways. Back in 2018, I made the choice to focus on reading the books I owned and limit how many books I purchased. I certainly still buy books, but I feel like I am doing a much better job of keeping up with those recent purchases whileRead More →

The arrival of November brings another month of reading to an end. October was a semi-busy month but I did find a decent amount of time to devote to reading. Working my way through my TBR has been a huge aspect of my time, as it had gotten overwhelmingly large not all that long ago, but with dedication, I was able to reduce it by quite a bit. Reading is a favorite activity of mine. I get to explore new worlds, learn something new, and entertain myself for hours on end. As with other months, I will be sharing what I read in October. IRead More →

The arrival of October brings another month of reading to an end. September was a pretty busy month, but I was determined to squeeze in plenty of reading time. After all, I am still working on my enormous TBR. In two years, I have managed to shrink it quite a bit. Reading is one of my favorite things to do, it’s an escape, a way to be entertained, and allows me to learn something new. As with every month, I love to share what I read and how I felt about those books. Perhaps seeing what I have been reading will inspire you to pickRead More →