Hello and welcome to Insecure House.

I’m Sarah and I’m a wife and mother currently living in Northern Ontario, Canada.

A lot of my life has been filled with anxiety and insecurity, hence the name of the blog. However, I have made a decision to no longer be held down by this. It’s not easy, I still have my bad days, but they are becoming less frequent.

Cooking from scratch, growing my own food, reading, reducing what’s in the home, crafting, and exploring the local area is how I spend most of my time. Sharing these experiences with my family is important as they encourage me to grow just as much as I encourage them.

During the summer months, I am often found in my backyard garden tending to the plants and eating anything that’s ready to harvest. On occasion, you can find me out at one of the nearby Provincial or National Parks exploring nature. When winter sets in, I become an even bigger homebody. That’s the time I use to do more learning and gaining skills that will pay off in the future.

Join me on my journey to a more confident life. It’s a path of learning. Successes will come and so will failures, but that is all part of life. It’s about improving myself and perhaps my experiences and knowledge can help you as well.A picture of myself kneeling in the garden holding a freshly harvested cabbage as the sun is shining.