Results of a 30 day fitness challenge

30 day fitness challenge results

Last month I decided to do a 30-day fitness challenge. Part of the reason for this was to try to get back into shape. The second reason was to see whether these challenges actually work or not. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work. After all, how could adding some exercise for a month really make a huge difference? Especially when I was still eating like I always have. Well, that was a big reason why I wanted to test one of these challenges out. To see just how accurate the results were. I highly doubted that I would go from fat to being ripped, but why not give it a try. In the end, no matter the results, I would at least be in a better place than where I started. And so today I will be sharing my 30-day fitness challenge results.

Results of a 30-day fitness challenge

The starting point

Before I get to the results, I figured it would be a good idea to go over where I was when this started. I had spent the last few years doing next to nothing. Most of my time was spent sitting in front of the computer, either playing video games or blogging. Any exercise I got was more incidental than deliberate. After all, I had to walk through the house to go get my food or to reach the bedroom for sleep. Otherwise, I didn’t do much. A few factors led to a sudden weight gain last year, although I had been a few pounds over my normal weight before that happened.

What I looked like before the 30-day challenge.
What I looked like before the 30-day challenge.


The biggest thing that pushed me towards trying this challenge, was the fact that I no longer liked what I looked like. While I have always struggled with liking who I saw in the mirror, it had come to the point that I avoided looking at myself as much as possible. My already low confidence dropped, my anxiety skyrocketed and I didn’t like going out, even though I put on baggy clothes to hide myself in. At this point, I knew I had to make a change or I would likely slip into depression, and I didn’t want that to happen.

What I learned along the way

I knew this whole challenge would be difficult. However, there were a few things along the way that acted as stumbling blocks. So, before I get to the results, I want to share some things I learned and a few tips for those who may be considering doing a similar challenge or simply working on getting back into shape.

Stretch first

In all of the challenges that I looked through, not a single one of them mentioned any stretching or cooling down afterward. This was something I added to my routine and it made a big difference. It only takes a couple of minutes to stretch your muscles in preparation for the workout ahead. There were a few days where I skipped the stretched and I felt it immediately. So, I would stop and make sure to give my muscles the proper warmup before continuing. A cool-down period is also important. More stretching, or even walking around the house, is a good way to cool down and lower your heart rate back down to normal.

Listen to your body

It’s so important to listen to your body. Starting out, you will be sore, your breath will be short and your heart rate will be high. However, it’s important to pay attention to these and the rest of what your body is saying. You do not want to push yourself so hard that you injure yourself. If something in a joint or muscle doesn’t feel right, then your form may be off, or you may need to take a break. If you can only do 10 jumping jacks and then need to rest before doing more, that’s fine! You will eventually be able to increase that number as you go.

A big thing to take into account is any old injuries you may have. I have two bad knees and shoulders, and one really bad ankle. I honestly wondered whether they would hold up to all of these exercises. Almost from day one, my knees were revolting against me. However, I took it slow and gave them breaks along the way, and for the most part, they were fine. I will admit, that by day 14 my knees were done when it came to the wall sit and the jumping jacks. Even after getting a brace, they could not hold up to those exercises. So, I made a decision. I would cut out the wall sit and do an extra plank to make up for it. As far as the jumping jacks are concerned, I went with alternative ones that lessened the impact on my knees.

The list of exercises that I did.
The list of exercises that I did during the 30-day challenge.

Do alternatives if needed

As I mentioned above, I had to start doing alternative jumping jacks because my knees were causing me too much pain. I could do about five of them by the middle of the challenge before the pain was too much. So, I did some research and found some alternatives. The alternative that I chose was the single-leg balance hip abduction. To be honest, I found these to be more exhausting than the regular jumping jacks. Even my husband commented on how tiring they were when he tried them.

Another way to do alternative exercises, if to not go as deep into things like squats and lunges when you start. I certainly did not go all the way into a lunge at the beginning of the month. Yet, as the month progressed I was able to build up my strength, and soon I was doing a full lunge with little issue.

Stay hydrated

This sounds like common sense, but it can be easy to forget to drink as you work out. I found that the best thing to do was to fill up my water bottle before I started. Then, even time I took a break or between each exercise, I would take a small drink. You definitely don’t want to chug the water. The last thing you need is a belly full of water before starting your jumping jacks. By the time I was done with the day’s workout, my water bottle was near empty.

Don’t forget to breath

Another thing that should be obvious. Yet, from personal experience, I know how easy it can be to hold one’s breath while exercising. But doing this robs your muscles of oxygen as you work out. Just be conscious of your breathing along the way.

Also, it can be hard to breathe and count at the same time. Sounds silly, but whether counting in your head or out loud, it is so easy to lose track of what number you were on or to start holding your breath so that you can count.

It’s a mental game

The last thing I wanted to touch on is how much of a mental challenge working out is. Especially for those of us who already struggle with mental issues. Since I already hated what I looked like, even long before now, it was so easy to look in the mirror on day 3 and not seeing any change yet I felt discouraged. Even at the end, when I could see a change in my body, there was always that nagging voice in my head that told me it wasn’t good enough.

It can also be a mental game to get the exercises done. Whether it was a long day already, you are tired, sore, hungry or you just aren’t feeling it. The mental roadblock was by far the thing I struggled with the most. This is why I was so grateful that my family did this challenge along with me because it kept me motivated and they were there to tell me to keep going when my brain was telling me to stop.

30-day fitness challenge results

I know what you are thinking. So, did it work? To be honest, yes and no.

What I look like after the 30-day challenge.
What I look like after the 30-day challenge. Much better!

As you can see, my belly has shrunk. It still sticks out. However, it definitely has gone down and I am much happier with it than before. My love handles are still present, although they too have gotten smaller. Overall, this was a decent improvement for just 30 days of exercise. While this does not reflect what the challenge promises for results, I am pretty happy with it. I have to say, this challenge was a great way to jumpstart my fitness journey.

My weight really didn’t change much. In the end, I weighed 149 pounds, which is only one pound less than where I started. However, with all of the muscle mass that I put on, I’m not surprised by the lack of weight loss. After all, muscle does weigh more than fat.

What worked

The biggest change of all has been to my overall health. When I first started, it was such a struggle to do all of the exercises. It got them done but I would be so out of breath and my heart would be racing that I seriously questioned whether I should keep going or not. Once I got over the hump, it became a bit easier. Even with the number of each exercise increasing each day, I was able to do it. Sure, I had to spread it out over a larger block of time and take breaks along the way, but I did it.

My legs showed the greatest improvement of all. I have quite impressive calf muscles now. My thigh muscles are growing and I am even gaining back my thigh gap. Hell, even my butt got smaller.

My stomach did shrink, and while I wasn’t blessed with a sixpack or even a flat stomach, it was nice to see there were improvements in this category. Even the fat that remains in this area has softened up quite a bit, which means I’m slowly burning it away.

The area of least change would be my arms. Because so few exercises included the arms, they were the part that felt the most neglected in the process. I will admit that I added some weight lifting along the way to give my arms a bit more attention. I feel that this didn’t really affect the overall results of the challenge too much. However, it did make doing the pushups easier. Pushups have always been my weak point because I have bad shoulders. So improving the overall strength of my arms helped me in this.

What didn’t work

Well, the most obvious answer is that it did not give me those promised results. I did not become skinny and get a sixpack. Am I disappointed? I guess in a way I am. However, it’s also what I expected. Now, some may argue that because I went into this thinking that it wouldn’t work, that it would affect the results. Maybe they are right. However, my husband did this challenge with me and even he didn’t get the ripped look either. Granted, I still saw a big difference in him.

I found that most of the exercises in this challenge were leg-focused. The lunges, squats, and jumping jacks all worked the legs. Yes, the core was involved to a certain extent, but I definitely would have liked to see more core-related exercises. I also felt that there were a number of areas that got little to no work. My arms, for example, really only got a small amount of use through pushups and the jumping jacks.

What’s next?

Now that the 30-day challenge is over, it’s time to consider what I will do next. I definitely plan to continue exercising. I actually crave it now. Which honestly sounds really weird, but it’s true. After sitting for a while, I have the strongest urge to get up and move. Even during the challenge, I would need to get up and do something or my body would revolt.

While I do plan to exercise, I do not plan to follow the exercises in this challenge anymore. I may incorporate some of them into a new routine. But, if I am perfectly honest, I never want to do 300 jumping jacks in a single day ever again. What I will do is find a routine that is a better overall body workout and stick with that for a while. I don’t know what my ultimate fitness goal is yet, but for right now, I just want to continue to improve my overall health and eventually get back down to my usual weight.

On top of continuing to regularly exercise, I will also be making a few changes to my overall diet. I am going to be cutting back on the amount of sugar that I consume. This alone will make a huge difference. I will also be making sure to cut back on my carb intake. These changes are bound to help me going forward.


  1. I’m happy to read about your results. I may take on this challenge in the future. Although those numbers were crazy to do every single day. But I’m glad to hear you stuck by it and did eventually see the result, may not be what you wanted exactly, but girl, there is a visual difference. I’m happy it’s over and you got experience to draw out of this to apply into your future habits. Awesome job.

    1. Author

      Thanks. It was definitely hard at times, especially in the second half of the month when the numbers got pretty darn high. It was definitely worth sticking with it and I agree that even though the results weren’t what they should have been, according to the challenge, I’m happy with how far it got me. It was a great first step towards a healthier life.

  2. Exercise is my favorite thing! So glad you “crave it now”, I felt the same way after I did my first challenge 2 years ago! Congrats!

    1. Author

      Thanks. I definitely didn’t expect to start craving exercise, but I suppose it’s a good thing because it means I will continue to get healthier and stronger.

  3. Your results are noticeable! Good for you! Getting up and moving is so important, especially when we work from home! I have let my Yoga routine go by the wayside lately and I definitely notice it. Time to get back to it! Thanks for the motivation to do so!

    1. Author

      Thanks. I’m quite happy with how far I came in just a month and I know this is only just the start. Yes, definitely get back into doing Yoga, it’s great as well!

  4. This is awesome! To be honest you got pretty amazing results and there is a huge difference in the before and after pictures! I mean sure it’s not what they promised but its way more then I expected as I have always been skeptical of these claims. You should be proud of yourself for sticking with it, a lot of people would have quit when it got difficult. I wouldn’t want to do 300 jumping jacks in one day either haha!

    1. Author

      Thank you! I definitely was surprised at how much change there was, even if it wasn’t what I was promised, I’m very happy with it. Oh, I definitely thought about quitting a few times, but my family kept me going and so I made it to the end. It was a struggle but it definitely put me on the right path.

  5. I am so impressed with the your workout routine and the commitment you made to the 30 days! For me, the biggest win is your desire to get up and move now…your body has grown accustomed to it and craves the exercise, which is not a bad thing!

    1. Author

      Thank you. It certainly wasn’t easy but I’m glad I stuck with it. I agree it’s not a bad thing at all to crave exercise.

  6. I started one of these using an app on my phone last winter. Then I got pneumonia and I couldn’t continue. Thanks for the inspiration to pick it back up again!

    1. Author

      Stopping due to pneumonia is a good idea, obviously, you wouldn’t want to push yourself and make it worse. Good luck getting back into it, I know it will be well worth it!

  7. I am so impressed with you and I’ve been dying to read about your results from this challenge ? Like you, I was sceptical about the effects it would have but wow!! Great results!! I definitely think that some small changes in diet alongside some exercise (but ugh! I hear ya on the 300 jumping jacks!! No thanks!) will have even bigger results. Congratulations on your journey so far and a big thumbs up for sharing your photos. That’s definitely not an easy thing to do. Way to go Sarah!!

    1. Author

      Thank you! I know a lot of people were skeptical about how well it would work, but clearly, it does work – to a certain extent. Yeah, 300 jumping jacks were about 200 too many in a day. Sharing the photos was the scariest part of it all, but it’s the only way to truly show the results.

  8. You can definitely see the results of your hard work. This motivates me to actually commit to getting healthy. Keep up the good work!

    1. Author

      Thank you! Go for it! It’s is definitely worth all of the hard work!

  9. Author

    Thank you! Trying one and seeing some results have definitely made me more of a believer in them. It was a great first step to take in my fitness journey.

  10. Well done for sticking to it for the month – you can definitely see results! Go you! Charlotte x

    1. Author

      Thank you! I’m quite happy with how things went.

  11. Well done! You have done so well to stick to this challenge and you’ve shown that it’s possible to lose weight in a short amount of time. I am also trying to include more exercise in my daily routine and cutting down on sugar is a great idea too. Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

    1. Author

      Thank you! Adding regular exercise and cutting back on sugars is sure to make a difference. I know it will be a challenge some days, but stick with it and you will see results!

  12. Author

    Thanks. I’ll admit, it was hard to stay motivated, especially knowing that I would be doing the same thing every day. It did get monotonous, but I tossed on some music or Netflix and I made it through it. Definitely give it another try, it will be worth it!

    1. Author

      I wanted to show what the actual results were, and admittedly it was scary to show the pictures, but I felt like it was the right thing to do so people know the results aren’t always perfect. Thank you!

    1. Author

      If I could bottle it and send some to you I would.

  13. That’s impressive! Changes are visible. It’s great to be fit. Thanks for sharing the exercise chart and your experience.

    1. Author

      Thank you. I was really surprised by the results.

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