Fall is in the air. The time has come for summer to end and for fall to make its appearance. Already, the temperatures are starting to drop and we are welcomed with crisp mornings and the beginning of leaves changing. If you are like me, fall is your favorite season. There are so many reasons to enjoy autumn and all it has to offer, whether it is baking apple muffins, attending fall fairs, or decorating your home. What better way to welcome fall than making a DIY Autumn Wreath to hang on your front door. This craft is a great way to spend the afternoonRead More →

Can you believe it’s September already? This year sure is flying by. September is the month that gives way to fall and is filled with plenty of fun activities too – or at least usually is, who knows what it will look like this year. This is when kids go back to school, or perhaps they are doing at-home learning. One thing that has helped me keep life a bit less chaotic is setting monthly goals. I started doing this back in 2018 and it made a huge difference. So, each month I set several goals and share them to keep myself accountable and toRead More →

With the arrival of September, it’s time to take a moment and look back at the books I read in August. Though I had grand plans of reading a ton of books this month, August was incredibly busy and I often found myself struggling to squeeze in enough reading time. I did read nearly every day, but even then it didn’t seem to be enough. Even so, I was able to get through some books, which is better than none and this is helping to reduce my giant TBR to a more manageable level as each month passes. The August 2020 reading wrap-up goes overRead More →

Parents rejoice! It is time to get rid of your kid’s toys! No, not all of them. Unless you want to unleash an unhealthy amount of drama and meltdowns. Instead, let’s do the more logical thing, and reduce the number of toys your child has in the home. It’s a well-known fact that most kids don’t play with all of their toys. When they are new they pay attention to them but then they quickly shift their attention elsewhere. Then those neglected toys get piled up in bins or closets and rarely see the light of day while taking up copious amounts of space. NotRead More →

August is a strange month for the garden. It is when most of the plants are producing like crazy yet at the same time, it’s when everything starts to slow down. That is the side-effect of growing in a cool and short garden season. Well, most years it’s cool, however, this year was abnormally warm. Not only that, but there was a distinct lack of rain over the course of the month. Even with these challenges, the garden did pretty well this month. Without further ado, here is the August 2020 garden update. Let’s see how everything is growing. August 2020 garden update What’s growingRead More →

As the garden season shifts from growing to harvesting, it’s important to have a place to wash those freshly picked vegetables. That’s where a DIY veggie wash station comes in handy. Whether your garden is large or small, every gardener will benefit from having a veggie wash station. No more being hunched over washing the dirt from your harvest. Now, all you need to do is place the veggie on top and give them a thorough spray with the garden hose. This is especially handy for root crops like radishes, carrots, and potatoes, that tend to be covered with more dirt. As an added bonus,Read More →

As the school year gears up to start again, many parents are looking at a very different set-up. Since March, parents have been dealing with some form of at-home learning. Some schools already had some online classes, while others scrambled in the first few weeks to set things up – my son’s school fell into the latter group. Now that a new school year is approaching, many parents have had to make the decision on whether to send their kids to school or keep them home to attend online classes. For those who are choosing at-home learning, there are some steps you can take nowRead More →

August has arrived and that means it’s time to set up another month’s worth of goals. I don’t know about you, but July seemed to zoom by. One moment it was the beginning of the month and then suddenly the end of the month had arrived. In a way, a month that goes by quickly is good. It means you aren’t waiting desperately for every day to end. However, the way this month went by felt like I was in a constant race. But I digress. Each month, I set several goals that will keep me busy every day and work towards some long-term goals.Read More →

With the arrival of August, it’s time to take a moment to look back at the books I read in July. Saying that July was a busy month feels like a complete understatement. Even so, I made sure to set aside time to read nearly every day. Reading is my favorite way to spend time, so it’s important for me to do so as often as possible. As the months go by and with each book that I read, I am getting closer to tackling my enormous TBR. Focusing on my TBR has allowed me to put a pretty good dent in it over theRead More →

The end of July and thus Camp NaNoWriMo has come and gone. The finish line for these month-long writing challenges always comes rushing up in the last week. I am always grateful when these challenges are finally over, even though I look forward to them. Committing to writing and keeping up with everything else can be a bit stressful, but I love writing enough that I am willing to work hard on that writing and life balance. Without further ado, let’s get to my July 2020 Camp NaNoWriMo final update. Curious about how the previous week went? Check out my week 1, week 2, weekRead More →